Good Planning and Tools Help Environmentally Friendly Small Farms

Farming is a hard business, whether the farmer is a third- or fourth-generation owner or is someone who wants to get back to the land but otherwise doesn’t know how to begin. There are a number of factors to consider for a farmer and family who need to reinvent an older property that’s become less successful or who want to provide organically grown produce, meat and dairy products to as many people as possible. Understanding the underlying concepts of environmentally friendly farming isn’t difficult. In fact, they’re as old as farming itself.

No matter what kind of farming a start-up entrepreneur has in mind, a good business plan is the most important component. Farming is a mixture of techniques nearly as old as the earth itself combined with new ideas and tools that give a farmer the tools necessary to stay ahead of the competition, whether it’s the farmer down the road or the large agribusiness across the state. An essential step for any farmer, experienced or new, is in developing a quality marketing plan. Consumers today are much more invested in knowing the sources of their food. A good marketing campaign can draw customers who appreciate the honesty an environmentally conscious farmer offers in publicizing the origins of the produce or stock.

News stories over the past several decades have made it seem as though small farming is a dying industry, but that isn’t a cold, hard fact. Today investors are willing to put money in the hands of experienced small farmers who want to expand into environmentally friendly production. These investors as well as government agencies are even willing to provide start-up funds for new farmers ready to take the leap into a new business. It takes time and hard work to find and apply for loans or grants, but the money is there for small farmers willing to do it.

Finding the right tools is just as important as coming up with a good business plan and securing financing. Trucks, tractors, pumps, clothing and even business software need to be designed for the work a farmer has to do. They also need to last for years, not months. Choosing the right tools helps a farmer supply customers in a timely manner with as little stress as possible. Visit to get more tips on starting an agricultural business.